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Global Art Project for Peace

The mission of the Global Art Project (GAP) is to spread world peace by promoting tolerance and non-violence through art. The Project expresses the idea: We Are All One. People of all ages and from all around the world who choose to participate each create a work of art expressing their vision of global unity. The art is displayed locally in each participant's community. Global Art Project then organizes an exchange of artwork by matching participants group-to-group or individual-to-individual. I have been involved with this exchange for over ten years. They can be reached at:

Copyright © 2006-2018 The Global Arts Project - All rights reserved. No prints or cards are available for Global Arts images from me. Please visit their site for more information.

Following are three examples of my contributions to partner artists:

"Hands of Peace" - 2004


"Look to the Children" - 2006


"Peace Dove" - 2016

Portraiture from photographs

Portrait work starts at $300.00 for one or two faces (human or animal). Each additional face adds $100. Photographs must be clear and have good detail; and will be returned to you. Portraits are by arrangement and as time permits. Please email or write to discuss terms.

Following are two examples of work done for clients:

This piece was created for a group in Seattle, WA that publishes a newspaper called "Real Change". 

The focus of the paper is about issues related to the homeless.  The paper is printed and sold to homeless people for about $.60 each which they can resell on the street for $2.00 - as a way for them to earn some income. 

To raise awareness for the paper and homelessness in general, there is a traveling portrait show  being displayed around the Seattle area.  I thought it was a great idea and wanted to be involved.  The portraits are of the various homeless vendors; and my contribution is a watercolor of this gentleman called Richard. 

This double portrait was commissioned by a client as a gift for the couple shown.  

Book Illustration

I have worked on college and elementary school level book illustration; a generously illustrated book on instruction in kayak sailing; and have worked on one children's story book. I am actively seeking more work in book illustration of all types.

Following are three examples of work done for the children's book mentioned:

book1 book2 book3